What Is An Online Degree Completion Program?

Many adults throughout the United States never complete their first attempt at obtaining the academic degree they set out to achieve. Work, family, financial hardships and other extenuating circumstances have led people to put their educational goals on hold.

Degree Completion programs are designed to assist non traditional students in returning to school to accomplish their goals. In these programs, students can benefit from transferring many of their previous academic credits toward a higher-level degree, such as a Criminal Justice bachelor’s degree. Central Christian College’s online degree completion programs are designed to benefit a variety of returning students.

Central Christian’s Admissions Acceptance Committee will evaluate every student application and determine if previous academic credits, life experiences, or professional training and certifications support the necessary requirements for admission into the online program. Central Christian provides a thorough review of every student’s portfolio and works hard to accommodate their needs while maintaining the highest level of academic integrity and admission standards.

The best way to determine if your previous transfer credits are transferrable is to contact the college, who in turn, will provide you with the necessary support in gathering your historical information and submitting it the Admissions Acceptance Committee. Financial assistance is available to those who qualify, and the college financial aid department will work with you to review your options concerning loans, grants, scholarships, and other forms of aid.

Central Christian College offers online bachelor degree programs in Criminal Justice, Aviation Science, Ministry Leadership and Sports Management. If you have served in the military, law enforcement or corrections, been a pilot, served in a church or outreach center, or been involved in managing sports or health and fitness programs, or attained an associate’s degree from an accredited institution or community college, your goal of receiving your bachelor’s degree might be easier than you think. It never hurts to make the first step by calling to find out about your options. Complete the form on this page or call the number above for more details today.

About Us

Central Christian College of Kansas is a regionally accredited, non-profit, four-year college affiliated with the Free Methodist Church of North America. While accepting and supporting the doctrines of the Free Methodist Church, Central opens its door and solicits students, regardless of handicap, religious preference, race, color, economic status, or geographic location. The college character and lifestyle are communicated to each prospective student.

Online Degree Completion Programs

Bachelor of Science in Ministry Leadership
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Science in Sports Management
Bachelor of Science in Aviation Science


Central Christian College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Other accreditations and memberships include: the Association of Christian Schools International, Associates of Free Methodist Educational Institutions, National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, Kansas State Department of Education, University of Kansas, Kansas Independent College Fund, Kansas Independent College Association, U.S. Office of Education for Administering Federal Programs, Jerusalem University College (The Institute of Holy Land Studies), and Focus on the Family Institute (in Colorado Springs, Colorado).

Students & Alumni

About twenty-three percent of Central's students are from Kansas, with the remaining seventy-seven from other states, foreign countries, and continents: such as, Canada, Japan, Africa, and Mexico, with a growing population utilizing the school’s online learning system. Job service is provided at the college to aid students in finding jobs on and off campus, while attending Central. CCC's alumni throughout America and the world are viewed with the greatest respect, in terms of productivity, achievement, citizenship, and Christian influence.