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The ministry program at Central Christian College is dedicated to helping you gain the knowledge needed to serve God, as well as the practical experience to do so with excellence. You can expect experiential training that includes a strong emphasis on spiritual formation, small group relationships, leadership, and a solid Biblical foundation. The online platform developed for e-learners embodies the curriculum needed to gain a better understanding of the bible, and how best to convey the spiritual covenants that serve the Christian worldview. Below is a sampling of the coursework for the online educational experience with Central Christian College:

  • Examples
  • MT-BI 101 Survey of the Old Testament

    The Old Testament text is surveyed according to its parts: Law, Prophets, and Writings. In addition, background materials and the critical method are explored. The Old Testament will be viewed through its literary and historical settings.

  • MT-BI 102 Survey of the New Testament

    The student explores the background, history, and the basic teaching of each book. An emphasis will be placed on the internal and external evidence related to authorship.

  • MT-BI 205 Gospel of Mark

    An inductive study of the second gospel in its first century setting. Special attention is given to the inductive method of study with its values for the student.

  • MT-BI 301 Hermeneutics: IBS

    In this class the student will be introduced to the technical language and the hermeneutical tools needed for doing exegetical work. The course will introduce various methods by which Scripture has been approached and interpreted in the life of the Church. Students will be challenged to think carefully and critically about their own method(s). This course is intended to help the student in “rightly dividing the Word of truth” for teaching and preaching. Prerequisite: MT-BI 100.

  • EX-MN 319 Spiritual Formation

    This course will explore the nature of spiritual formation. Different models concerning spiritual maturation will be investigated, with specific emphasis on the integration of ministry to children, youth, and adults. Students will have the opportunity to evaluate theories concerning cognitive and spiritual development. Experiential components will include personal experience with different approaches to prayer, spiritual disciplines, and other classical/contemporary practices. A major emphasis will also be placed on the role and function of small groups in the spiritual formation process.

  • EX-MN 332 History of Christianity

    A survey of the history of the Christian movement from New Testament times to modern times, focusing on key movements, critical issues, outstanding leaders and important turning points.

  • EX-MN 340 Pastoral Care

    This class will concentrate on the task of ministry as it relates to the pastoral role. Consideration will be given to both biblical and historical understandings of the task of a pastor while at the same time examining how a person can and should fulfill this vital ministry of the Church. This course will focus on skill development and an understanding of gifts for ministry.

  • EX-MN 352 Pastoral Counseling

    This course examines the pastoral role in relationship to the ministry of the whole person, mind, body, and soul. Students will be introduced to the integration of psychology and theology. Specific attention will be given to developmental issues, marriage and family and interpersonal relationships, as well as examine different approaches and skills involved with the counseling aspect of ministry.

  • EX-BI 358 Biblical Theology I

    This course will focus on the foundational methods upon which theology is done and the biblical core of all Christian theology. Students will engage the earliest formulations and doctrinal statements as they engage the development of theological concepts.

  • EX-BI 400 Biblical Theology II

    This course will focus on the essential doctrines of the faith. From a systematic and biblical approach, stress will be placed on such normative doctrines as God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, the Church, Salvation and Eschatology.

  • EX-BS 356 Organizational Behavior &Leadership

    Examines the psychological and sociological variables important in understanding individual motivation, group functioning, change, creativity, conflict, and leadership within the organization.

  • EX-MG 351 Principles of Management

    This course explores the types of managerial functions necessary for organizational operation. The course is built around the topics of planning, organizing, directing, controlling and decision-making.

  • EX-MN 402 Apologetics & Worldview

    This course will study the history and importance of the discipline known as apologetics, the defense of the faith, while also considering how this is an ongoing concern for the church of today. The class will be looking at the classic philosophical and theological components that are utilized in support of the faith and serve as a basis for confronting pluralism. The student will also be challenged to consider his/her own worldview and the various elements that shape it.

  • EX-TH 406 New Testament Theology of Evangelism

    Through examination of the New Testament documents, with a special emphasis on the Gospels, the book of Acts, and the preaching of the Apostles, this course is designed to challenge the student to understand the theological basis for the biblical practice of evangelism. Discussion will also include methodology that may assist the local church and the laity to engage in doing evangelism.

  • EX-TH 409 Practical Theology of Worship

    This course has a two-fold emphasis: 1) how one crafts and delivers a sermon to a congregation and 2) the elements that go into developing and leading worship. The student will be given hermeneutical tools for the development of sermons and opportunity to preach as part of the class. There will also be discussion of the tools (technological, arts, and others) currently available and the creativity needed for those who lead worship

  • EX-MN 411 Homiletics & Critique

    Through this course the student will be introduced to homiletical methodology and communication theory; including, how to structure various types of sermons (e.g. narrative, topical, exegetical, etc.), creative thinking, and presentational style. The student will be required to develop and present a series of completed sermon/oral presentations demonstrating proficiency in the use of the hermeneutical skills and tools. The goal is to craft messages that are both biblically sound and that communicate to the modern audience.

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