College History

Orleans Seminary, the forerunner of Central Christian College, was founded on the Nebraska plains in 1884 by Free Methodist preacher Rev. C.M. Damon and his wife. (At that time, "seminary" designated a Christian school regardless of grade levels.)

In an effort to expand its operations and serve a broader audience, Orleans Seminary was moved to McPherson, Kansas in 1914.

Following years of strategic planning, on May 23, 1999, Central College became Central Christian College of Kansas. The athletic program began competing at the four-year level, and in 2000, the Carnegie Foundation officially recognized Central Christian College as a four-year college. In 2004, the Higher Learning Commission - North Central Association awarded Central ten years of continued accreditation and approved seven additional majors, namely Communications, Exercise Science, Music, Natural Science, Psychology, Social Science, and Sport Management. The College also completed a successful $5.8 million capital campaign raising funds for student scholarships and facilities.

In January 2009, Dr. Jerry E. Alexander assumed the duties of Interim President. In January 2010, Hal Hoxie, a retired colonel in the United States Air Force, took office. The expansion of the college’s online programs has provided a new vehicle for academic growth and expansion with the college. Programs in health care, ministry, criminal justice, aviation, and sports management are among the bachelor programs being offer.

About Us

Central Christian College of Kansas is a regionally accredited, non-profit, four-year college affiliated with the Free Methodist Church of North America. While accepting and supporting the doctrines of the Free Methodist Church, Central opens its door and solicits students, regardless of handicap, religious preference, race, color, economic status, or geographic location. The college character and lifestyle are communicated to each prospective student.

Online Degree Completion Programs

Bachelor of Science in Ministry Leadership
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Bachelor of Science in Sports Management
Bachelor of Science in Aviation Science


Central Christian College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Other accreditations and memberships include: the Association of Christian Schools International, Associates of Free Methodist Educational Institutions, National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, Kansas State Department of Education, University of Kansas, Kansas Independent College Fund, Kansas Independent College Association, U.S. Office of Education for Administering Federal Programs, Jerusalem University College (The Institute of Holy Land Studies), and Focus on the Family Institute (in Colorado Springs, Colorado).

Students & Alumni

About twenty-three percent of Central's students are from Kansas, with the remaining seventy-seven from other states, foreign countries, and continents: such as, Canada, Japan, Africa, and Mexico, with a growing population utilizing the school’s online learning system. Job service is provided at the college to aid students in finding jobs on and off campus, while attending Central. CCC's alumni throughout America and the world are viewed with the greatest respect, in terms of productivity, achievement, citizenship, and Christian influence.